Asiana Collection

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Asiana Collection

New, interesting, original and uniquely contemporary designs created by David Qian, using special techniques such as embroidery, gilding, relief and ombre colouration. Inspiration is take from traditional Asian culture or nature. Only with a deep rooted understanding of this heritage can one abstract such designs in a way that is not only beautiful but deeply meaningful and rich with character.

Butterfly Tree

The design has 20 continuous panels with no repetition of design elements, allowing for a continuous scene of 60 lineal feet.  The design offered 5 colorways, custom colouring is available.



New Jiang Nan and Asiana are pattern books that can be done in hand painting only . 

Patterns, done by both hand painting and printing that would offer you a flexibility in terms of production lead time and pricing.
22 Summer Palace 23 Suzhou Gardens 26 Zen collections that carry similar styles of Jiang Nan and Asiana: these can be done in both hand painting and printing.